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I will drive to your most convenient location to train! In-home, gym, park , etc. I have all the necessary equipment in order to give you a great work out! My prices are very reasonable starting at $40/Session! Please contact me for any additional questions you may have.

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My name is Junior. I have been involved in sports since I was 8 years old ( Basketball, Soccer, Martial Arts) I played soccer in High School and also got involved with resistance, agility, balance and strength & conditioning training at that time. I then started my journey on being a trainer getting a Nationally Accredited certification and began my coaching career. At the same time, I also have much experience with Muay Thai and Boxing , having competed in amateur Muay Thai & Kickboxing bouts, training with and helping amateur and professional fighters get ready for their competitions and studying the both sports. Now I mainly focus on coaching, dedicating myself to truly help all of my clients achieve their desirable results and more! Ranging from losing weight , learning how to fight and defend themselves , build muscle and much more!

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